Classroom training automation

Use mobile app instead of handouts and feedback forms.
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What is Handout?

Handout is easy-to-use service to conduct trainings using e-version of learning materials. It is created to increase effectiveness of staff training and measure the result.

Your company get several advantages in staff training by using Handout:

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Digitalization and continuity of classroom training

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High involvement and quality of knowledge

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Instant gathering of feedback forms and test results

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Way to provide post-training support

How Handout works

Upload learning materials

You can create new documents or use ready-made ones in popular formats: doc, ppt, pdf, video, audio.

No need to go to printers or prepare brochures!

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“Handout” your learning materials with participants

Just press the button and all participants get access to the materials they need. Participants can add notes, fill forms, leave comments, take flipchart photos.

Materials are always available: you can provide continuity of learning and be ready to learn at any time.

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Get your feedback and analyze learning effectiveness.

Handout provides not only materials sharing, but also quick access to earlier trainings stats.

Feedback forms data, attendance rates, test results are available right after event ends.

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Want to see for yourself how Handout works?

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Service features

Handout has no competitors and has significant advantages for corporate training.

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Continuous mobile learning platform

Service and materials are available for employees at any time. They can get back to learn training materials after training event and reinforce their knowledge.

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LMS integration

Handout can exchange data with your LMS: receive trainee lists, send feedback forms, schedule training events.

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Common database for classroom training

Handouts, feedback forms, past events stats, number of participants.

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Greater involvement

Interactive way and ready-to-use learning materials ensure more effective knowledge assimilation.

What do you get by using Handout?

T&D specialist

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  • Instant gathering and processing of feedback forms
  • No need to spend time on printing production
  • Different learning material formats: presentations, photos, videos, articles, audios

Head of T&D

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  • Fast training effectiveness analysis
  • Quality of knowledge quick assessment (even for large groups)
  • Access to completed feedback forms


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  • New knowledge assimilation increase
  • Faster business goals achievement
  • Cost reduction on staff training

Already using Handout

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Evgeny Naumov

Chief specialist of recruitment and training, Alfa-bank

We use Handout to solve several problems of staff training. First, we update our learning materials frequently, so we just need to upload new version now instead of printing all handouts again. Second, we save time and money. Amount of handouts could reach 100 pages per employee. It took us about an hour and a half to print and prepare materials for a single group of learners. Now it takes a few minutes.Third, using Handout has a positive effect on staff attitude to learning and company’s brand, causes a wow-effect, allows to be in trend of up-to-date staff training technologies. Learners kept asking me for learning materials in electronic format, because they dealt with a lot of information and planned to study during free time. Now it’s easy to do.

How much does it cost?

  • Common database for e-learning materials: texts, videos, presentations
  • Post-training support
  • Instant feedback form processing
  • Learning materials download stats
  • LMS integration

starting at 8250 ₽ / month

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Free service demo

Want to see how it works?

We conduct personal webinars.

20-minute webinar to see all service capabilities and figure out how to apply Handout effectively in your company.

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